Four Lakes Four Wheelers, Inc.

Required Equipment
All vehicles must be equipped with:
· Proper working brakes on all four wheels.
· A roll bar (four-point) or non-removable hard top.
· A dry chemical fire extinguisher that should be within easy reach of the driver.
· A first aid kit.
· Proper seat belts. Everyone in the vehicle is required to wear a seat belt while the vehicle is in motion.
· Properly mounted tow hooks or hook points on front and rear of vehicle.
· Tow strap - without hooks (No chains will be allowed for pulling)
· Insurance coverage

Recommended Equipment
· CB radio
· Clevis
· Winch
· Tree strap
· Spare tire
· Roll cages (six-point)

Trail Ride Rules
· There will be no use of drugs and no use of alcoholic beverages before or during trail rides..
· There will be no unnecessary damage to land or vegetation nor, the endangering of livestock or wildlife.
· At no time may trees or vegetation be removed from private or public land without written permission from the land owner.
· All litter must be packed out by participants.
· No guns or firearms will be allowed.
· It will be the duty of parents & pet owners to control their children and pets at all times, especially around moving or winching vehicles.
· It is required that a vehicle leaving a trail ride notify the trail master prior to leaving the ride.
· Use proper trail etiquette. i.e.: keep visual contact with vehicle behind you, adequate following distance, etc.
· Only one person should aid driver with commands when spotting, strapping, or winching. The use of a stop and go should be used instead of whoa and go and driver side/passenger side instead of left/right

Updated July 2017